Writing with a Purpose:

As early as I can remember, my mind easily moved from reality to figments of my imagination. When embarrassed by the peeling paint and worn furniture of my family’s small farmhouse, I conjured up a sprawling brick rambler. Waiting at the end of the corn row for my father to finish plowing so we could escape the hot Georgia sun, I dreamed of angels with a host of tractors to finish the work.

When I resembled “Twiggy” instead of “Dolly,” and few boys asked me out, I ventured into my own scenario where Prince Charming invaded my space and swept me off my feet. I would become the envy of all my friends.

Although I continued to have moments when I wished to escape the difficulties of career, family and even church life, I learned to survive in the real world, accepting the things I could not change and relinquishing expectations to God.

During my rapid slide down the aging hill, my wild imagination returned with a vengeance, tempered by a lifetime of learning to trust God and myself. My dreams became grounded in truth where God’s grace, love and forgiveness are necessary in facing the struggles of life.

About five years ago, our church did a series based on the book by Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker. We were challenged to circle our goals or dreams. In conversation with a long-time friend following the service, I shared what I felt God had placed in my heart–my desire to write inspirational fiction that would touch others. With Carolyn’s encouragement, I went home and began to write what would become my first novel, By the Sea.

The words flowed from my imagination at such a rapid rate, it seemed impossible to get them down before they were snatched away by a “senior moment.” Confidence flowed along with the development of the story, but getting it published turned out to be a whole new ballgame.

At the suggestion of another friend, I joined the Northern Virginia Christian Writer’s Fellowship where I’m learning more about the art of writing. It seems much has changed since my high school and college English classes. “You use too many ‘to be’ verbs. Complete sentences are not always necessary. Make your presence known to social media.” Post, Tweet, Blog, when I only want to write. Hence, a new website with my first blog.

Writing is not for the faint at heart, but for those who have a burning desire to share their thoughts with others. Whether my stories reach only my friends and relatives scattered throughout the world or they are published novels and reach millions, I will have accomplished my goals–to write with a purpose that others may know my thoughts.

13 thoughts on “Writing with a Purpose:

  1. I love to write also and spent a great deal of time over the years writing poetry. I’m going to really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading more. Blessings! And yes, times sure have changed. 😊


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    Thank you for your kind, encouraging comments. If you had trouble seeing the whole site, go to the menu and it should open my About Page and my first blog. Special note to Willene: As you recall, you were the “Dolly” type! Good times, dear friend.


  3. That was excellent Claudette! I could visualize that peeling paint and old furniture as you write. Might help that I visited that house often! Lol loved my aunt Hazel. I also enjoy writing and was blogging for our church for a while but I find much more joy in writing for the sheer pleasure of hoping someone learns from my struggles… so many experiences to share where God has shown up for me!


  4. Claudette,
    Your writing has clarity and transparency. A reader can easily understand and identify with you when needed. That is particularly important when you share your spiritual thoughts. So, writing your experiences and thoughts ARE important. Your goals are being effective already! The reader has the opportunity to take away what has been gleaned and put it to good use! Keep up the good work-you are a natural writer. Carolyn


  5. Dear Claudette I applaud your courage and persistence to follow this dream! It’s inspirational — even as you “slide down the aging hill” as you clearly have not!🤣🤣. We’re all sliding down that hill but we don’t all have that same courage you have! God bless you💛 Hugs,Kate


  6. I loved your first blog! I’m so proud of you! You are never too old to pursue a dream or to grow a talent given to you by our Creator. In fact, the wisdom that God has matured in you through the experiences you have encountered gives you an advantage as you transfer your thoughts to print. You have the ability to write that inspires others, causing them to eagerly anticipate what the next page, or the next chapter, or the next book has to offer. Keep on writing, keep on pursuing your God-given dream!


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