My Happy Place

Do you have a specific place where you feel peaceful and happy? When my husband took an early retirement from the Army Corps of Engineers over twenty-five years ago, we purchased a small condominium townhouse at Mallard Lakes, Fenwick Island, Delaware. With health issues plaguing both my husband and myself, we haven’t visited as often the past few years, but it has always been my “happy place.”

Recently we spent ten days in this peaceful setting. I love sitting in the sunroom overlooking the pond behind our unit. The fountain shoots water into the air and the geese rest in the sun on the banks. In the early morning hours a blue heron walks slowly around the edge of the water searching for his breakfast. Redwing black birds and robins peck at the grass for bugs. An osprey hovers over the geese families while the parents issue loud protests. One family had sixteen baby goslings in the spring.

Nothing stirs but the gentle breeze blowing the sea grass along the edge of the water. A few white puffy clouds float through the otherwise blue sky. In the quiet stillness I move easily into God’s presence. Though I pray for those involved, I do not allow the turmoil of Afganistan or the increase in covid cases to rob me of the peace I feel. No matter how tragic the news, I rest in the assurance that God is in control and I can trust him. Prayer flows from a heart of worship and trust as I “cast all my cares on Him.” The incredible peace surrounds me and I am happy to be at home in God’s presence.

While there, my latest novel, Jonah’s War, was released. I thought about my young character, Jonah, who had avoided his family home on Shell Island for over three years. But when he finally comes to his senses, he realizes there is no better place for healing and restoration than near the ocean.

Did you get to the beach this summer? If not, I hope you found your own happy place–a place to reset, rest and reflect. As for me, I feel recharged and ready to face whatever lies ahead.

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